Sunday, 30 March 2014

Metal Night

A Portuguese garage band contest had been happening every Saturday of this month and every weekend a band would be chosen out of four to participate in the final that took place this Saturday the 29th or, more precisely, yesterday.

I went to one of the playoffs on the 15th with my boyfriend and a friend of ours but we only listened to two of the four bands that were competing before calling it a night. All the antecipation and excitement were confined to the final as there would play a special guest that we all knew and wanted to be there for, Hills Have Eyes; specially two friends of my boyfriend and I.
The night was cold and there was barely anyone in the streets - that is, until the start of the contest. Nearing its' hour, groups of friends started to gather around the entrance and waited until every thing was ready. We had to pay an admission to enter and they stamped our hands so they knew who had already payed incase we wanted to go outside.
There's a bar, a TV with a sofa close by and a few tables with chairs for us to sit around on the second floor whilst the actual contest (and every show for that matter) takes place in the third floor.

There were five bands competing between each other and before the announcement of the winner we heard Hills Have Eyes, the special guest that night! It. was. bloody. brilliant. If you don't like this type of music (metal) you possibly won't understand my happiness and will cringe at the music but I absolutely love it. I suppose the best thing about the concerts of this type of bands is that I always feel a sense of companionship amongst everyone. If someone falls, everyone helps them up. There's even people crowdsurfing! That's mental.

I recorded some of it on my phone but the sound quality is rubbish and, unfortunately, there aren't any videos up of the event itself so I will link to you the music video of the song I most liked from this band.
The winner were Stone Dead incase you want to search them up.

Oh and here's a small video on my instagram of the crowdsurfing:

Happy Sunday! x