Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Cutest Powerbank

Powerbanks are something I had never heard of before until my boyfriend bought me one as a Christmas present. The word wasn't familiar and I had never seen one in my life so I was completely clueless when I opened the present.
He explained that it was meant to charge your phone if the battery died whilst you were on your whereabouts and you didn't have the charger with you, or the time to keep it plugged long enough for it to gain sufficient battery.

You just need to connect the phone to the powerbank with the white cable that comes with it and voilá, a portable charger. It fits perfectly in my bag so I always have it with me :) My only recommendation is, if you use it, to leave it charging overnight to be sure that it can charge your phone's battery completely the next time you need it. Depending on its' capacity it can charge your phone a certain amount of times before it, too, needs to be charged but I don't understand any of that so I rather play it safe.
It's also super easy to know when it is completely charged. It is only when the red light at the bottom stops blinking that it is at 100%.

My boyfriend bought me a black powerbank but, for some reason, it charged every phone except mine so he bought me this cute pink bear one and kept the black one for himself <3
It is literally so handy that I was puzzled that no one had ever mentioned it to me before!

Happy Wednesday! x