Monday, 13 July 2015

Don't Forget to Love

When does death become easy to deal with?

Some of us "experience" death with a young age by hearing that a relative, a close friend, or maybe someone who was well known in our locality passed away. If my memory doesn't fail me, the first time I had to deal with death was when I was still in primary school. It was an old lady who lived next to my dad's office and she used to invite my older brother and I to her house and give us madeleines.

My reaction goes through a long process and has always been the same: the news shock me and as I digest them, I reminisce about all the memories that I shared with that person. It's the same feeling as when you finish a good book and you just sit there thinking about it. It might take a while but eventually it finally hits me that that person is gone, forever, and the tears start rolling - the moment leading to it is as if I was expecting someone to tell me "it's okay, you can still see him" and then I realise that that is not possible.

I didn't want to write a sad post but today, two years ago, my bunny passed away.
His name was Chico and my dad brought him home to us after his own father, my grandfather, passed away. I never truly forget him, there are some days when I remember him out of the blue and I smile. The day he died was really painful and I cried through the night and the morning after...

I suppose the reason behind this post is to remind you to love those around you, even your pets, because no one is imortal. Tell them you love them, hug them, kiss them, because one day you won't get that chance.

Some people might have a pet and forget to love him because work is occupying them, they have to go away for a week or they are too tired. Don't forget to always find some free time for your pet, they too deserve to be loved :)

Happy Monday! x
(hug your pet and loved ones)

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