Sunday, 29 June 2014

June Favourites | 2014 ❤

The last month's favourite I did was in November, I have missed it! I come back this month with a few varieties - clothing, literature, television and music!

Like I mentioned on my last post, My First (Mini) Haul, there's one piece of clothing I have been absolutely loving - a crop top from ZARA.
I don't (usually) mind showing my belly, but if you aren't that comfortable or you simply don't like this style you can pair it with some high waisted jeans/shorts :)
It's soo comfy and I adore the contrast of the pink hearts with the grey background. Crop tops are a must have this summer and I have definitely fallen in love with this one.

Moving on to literature, I watched the movie Revolutionary Road (starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet) last year/beginning of this year and when I found out it was based on Richard Yates' novel I made it my mission to read the book. With the amount of university work I have had I only now got the chance to finish reading it but it was definitely worth my time!
I have recommended it to so many people and I even wrote an essay about it for university based on its' love-hate relationship. It's basically about an American couple living in the mid-1950s who aren't living the life they have dreamt of and are still trying to work on their personal problems. It is so beautifully written that I finished reading it and immediately felt I wanted more. I will definitely re-read it when I have the chance.

The movie stays true to the book so I will leave the trailer incase you want to watch that too.

Still on the subject of television, I have a new favourite series, Penny Dreadful! It is classified as horror but I haven't really got any jump scares so far, or nightmares for that matter. If you are easily scared like myself and horror isn't your cup of tea, fear not because if I can watch it so can you! The only thing is that sometimes it gets a little creepy and bloody - my solution is to always watch it during day time and with my boyfriend haha.

The reason that I love it, though, is because it combines the story of the novels of the Victorian era classified as "penny dreadfuls", such as Frankenstein, Dracula and Dorian Gray. I studied some of those works this year in university so seeing them "in action" is really exciting.

I won't link the trailer because I watched it before the first episode and it makes the series look scarier than it actually is. My recommendation is: watch the first episode and then decide if you want more!

To finalize, the only song I had on repeat this month is from Ed Sheeran's new album, x, and it is called 'Thinking Out Loud'.

Happy Sunday! x

Monday, 23 June 2014

My First (Mini) Haul

I did a little shopping last month and I thought it would be fun to do my first ever haul - mind you it is going to be a brief one!

I don't know how familiar people outside of Portugal are with Shop1one but it is one of my favourite stores. The clothes aren't expensive and I would buy most of the items in the store if I could. That being said, last month I was just having a stroll around the shop, checking what's new, when I found the perfect leggings. And when I say perfect I mean it because I am not a leggings type of person, I much rather wear jeans.
It might not be everyone's cup of tea but I absolutely LOVE them (and as you can see by the tshirt I was wearing I have a thing for clothes with holes haha). They are really comfortable and look good with anything; my only problem is that they seem to be a bit see-through at the back, or maybe I am too self-conscious, so I always try to pair them with baggy tshirts.

Next up I bought a new pair of earrings in Bijou Brigitte. I really want to start wearing earrings more often and the only pair I had were a gift from years ago so it was time to go out and buy new ones. I had a hard time choosing because everything in this store is literally beautiful. Luckily I was with my boyfriend and he picked these out for me, they are so cute!
After buying them I started worrying that they might not look good on me or that I might not like them but alas, they do look gorgeous!
They aren't plastic or any valuable material like the ones I was eyeing at the store but that makes them different and more special in my opinion. I will definitely wear them often.

Finally I went to ZARA and I bought my gala dress (you can see that HERE), and a crop top that I will mention on this month's favourites so look out for that!

I hope you enjoyed my mini haul :)

Happy Monday! x

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Gala Party Look

My faculty organised its' first ever gala party and I obviously couldn't miss it. As my friend said, "if you miss the first then don't even bother going to the second" (maybe it doesn't need to be that extreme). But we all know the follow up parties are always going to be compared to the first one and if you missed it then you will never know how much it has improved! More important than that, it was a way to have fun after all the hardwork from classes. We definitely deserved it.

After planning with my friends how we were going to prepare ourselves before the party and where we were going to stay after it, there was only one thing missing and, in my opinion, the most exciting: what were we going to dress?!

I was window shopping with my mum in ZARA when we spotted the perfect dress; a white maxi dress with a strappy low back.
(Click HERE if you want to have a better look at it)
I thought the look was missing something so I added a necklace that a friend kindly borrowed and I believe it really made a difference. The necklace was made by said friend so it's one of a kind :)
As for makeup, I went for something simple - black eyeliner, mascara and red lipstick.
Eyeliner - Bellaoggi Glossy Liner (top) and Avon SuperShock gel eyeliner (bottom)
Mascara - Avon Colortrend mascara
Lipstick - YesLove lipstick 210
The party started around midnight and we danced until 4am, my legs were literally aching! It was one of those nights that I will always remember and cherish.

Happy Thursday! x

Sunday, 1 June 2014

First Year at University

This week was the final week of my first year at university and I couldn't be happier. This whole experience has changed my life and has made me grow in person (and responsabilities).
I have to go back in the next two weeks to do an English presentation and a final test and then, hopefully, I can stop worrying about everything for 3 or 4 months.
(It's a lie, spent a lot of money in books - source)
One of the beautiful things about university is that you make a lot of friends from different cities and you get to share with each other traditional aspects - even your accent causes excitement! I'm happy to have shared this experience with the new friends I have made and I hope we share the same classes next year for new shenanigans.
I also feel like I have learned a lot more this year than in any of my previous years in school. Maybe that's because I am finally in the course I want, studying the subjects I want; that must have a big impact in your attention and reception of information. Plus the fact that the teachers are so laid back and they treat you as an adult, rather than a child.

I'm actually looking forward to the second year! I am guessing it will be as good or even better than this one because now I have seen what it is like and I will be prepared for new challenges.

You can read more about my university here, when I got my acceptance letter, and here, about my first semester :)

Happy Sunday! x