Sunday, 29 June 2014

June Favourites | 2014 ❤

The last month's favourite I did was in November, I have missed it! I come back this month with a few varieties - clothing, literature, television and music!

Like I mentioned on my last post, My First (Mini) Haul, there's one piece of clothing I have been absolutely loving - a crop top from ZARA.
I don't (usually) mind showing my belly, but if you aren't that comfortable or you simply don't like this style you can pair it with some high waisted jeans/shorts :)
It's soo comfy and I adore the contrast of the pink hearts with the grey background. Crop tops are a must have this summer and I have definitely fallen in love with this one.

Moving on to literature, I watched the movie Revolutionary Road (starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet) last year/beginning of this year and when I found out it was based on Richard Yates' novel I made it my mission to read the book. With the amount of university work I have had I only now got the chance to finish reading it but it was definitely worth my time!
I have recommended it to so many people and I even wrote an essay about it for university based on its' love-hate relationship. It's basically about an American couple living in the mid-1950s who aren't living the life they have dreamt of and are still trying to work on their personal problems. It is so beautifully written that I finished reading it and immediately felt I wanted more. I will definitely re-read it when I have the chance.

The movie stays true to the book so I will leave the trailer incase you want to watch that too.

Still on the subject of television, I have a new favourite series, Penny Dreadful! It is classified as horror but I haven't really got any jump scares so far, or nightmares for that matter. If you are easily scared like myself and horror isn't your cup of tea, fear not because if I can watch it so can you! The only thing is that sometimes it gets a little creepy and bloody - my solution is to always watch it during day time and with my boyfriend haha.

The reason that I love it, though, is because it combines the story of the novels of the Victorian era classified as "penny dreadfuls", such as Frankenstein, Dracula and Dorian Gray. I studied some of those works this year in university so seeing them "in action" is really exciting.

I won't link the trailer because I watched it before the first episode and it makes the series look scarier than it actually is. My recommendation is: watch the first episode and then decide if you want more!

To finalize, the only song I had on repeat this month is from Ed Sheeran's new album, x, and it is called 'Thinking Out Loud'.

Happy Sunday! x

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