Friday, 24 June 2016

Exploring Lisbon

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went on a little adventure. Since he had a day off at work it was the perfect opportunity to explore outside of our city and to just take in Lisbon's beauty.

We decided to go to the Colombo Centre to have lunch and walk around. He was really keen on having Burguer King (we don't have one in our city) and to check in on the new technologies, whilst I just wanted to look at clothes and books (my favourite things) and, indeed, we found all we were looking for there.

I browsed through Bertrand's store to find Marzia's new book but they only had it in Portuguese and I prefer reading in English so I guess I will have to order it online which is a bummer but oh well. Although I did buy a new shirt from Primark which I love!

Afterwards we took the metro to Terreiro do Paço and my boyfriend was delighted (I think he had never been there). It was packed with tourists and rightly so, it is beautiful.
(The big green screen behind the lady is where the Euro games are transmitted live)
We stayed here for a little while enjoying the sun and taking photos and then it was time to make our way to the São Jorge Castle.

We decided to walk there and if you are planning on doing the same thing please take some fresh water with you. It's a long way up and with the sun on your back the whole time it can be quite tiresome. We made the terrible mistake of not taking water with us and we had to stop at a place which sold it for 1€... you can literally buy bottles of water in the supermarket for 20cents, it was stupid of us.

The price to enter the castle varies depending if you are a student or not, your age, etc. We both paid 5€ and it was definitely worth it, the view you get from the top is breathtaking.
Hope you enjoyed all the photos that we took. They weren't that many because I wasn't planning on writing this post and they were also taken with our phones instead of a proper camera (Xperia Z1 and P8 lite) but I quite like how they turned out so I decided to share them here :)

Happy Friday! x