Monday, 23 September 2013

Weekend & YouTube

Hey, do you still remember me?! Lately I have either been super busy with university or out with friends, having no time left to update my blog (boohoo!). But I'm here now and I will try to be here every time I can - I kind of miss it here!

Being the good friend I am, this past weekend I went out to see one of my best friends perform with her tuna downtown. She asked me to take photos and, if possible, film one or two performances.

As you may or may not know (probably not), I love snapping photos and filming everything (I even acquired Movie Maker last month just to toy around with some videos) so I was already planning on recording everything even if she wanted to or not, mwuahah!

This leads us to YouTube. I asked her if she wanted me to upload one of her performances to YouTube and she happily nodded. I quickly created a new account which you can subscribe to if you want to, you're not obliged but it would make me really happy! The channel's name is Hello Annie (duh).

I'm still not sure what I'll upload there, maybe just whatever I feel like until I decide on something. So if you are into random, personal stuff, welcome to my channel!

Anyway, here's the video of my friend and her tuna singing 'Menina Caloira'. Their tuna's name is 'Hatuna Matata' (see what they did there?).
If you aren't Portuguese and you understand anything they sing, kudos to you, my friend. Hope you like it!

Happy monday! x

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