Monday, 23 June 2014

My First (Mini) Haul

I did a little shopping last month and I thought it would be fun to do my first ever haul - mind you it is going to be a brief one!

I don't know how familiar people outside of Portugal are with Shop1one but it is one of my favourite stores. The clothes aren't expensive and I would buy most of the items in the store if I could. That being said, last month I was just having a stroll around the shop, checking what's new, when I found the perfect leggings. And when I say perfect I mean it because I am not a leggings type of person, I much rather wear jeans.
It might not be everyone's cup of tea but I absolutely LOVE them (and as you can see by the tshirt I was wearing I have a thing for clothes with holes haha). They are really comfortable and look good with anything; my only problem is that they seem to be a bit see-through at the back, or maybe I am too self-conscious, so I always try to pair them with baggy tshirts.

Next up I bought a new pair of earrings in Bijou Brigitte. I really want to start wearing earrings more often and the only pair I had were a gift from years ago so it was time to go out and buy new ones. I had a hard time choosing because everything in this store is literally beautiful. Luckily I was with my boyfriend and he picked these out for me, they are so cute!
After buying them I started worrying that they might not look good on me or that I might not like them but alas, they do look gorgeous!
They aren't plastic or any valuable material like the ones I was eyeing at the store but that makes them different and more special in my opinion. I will definitely wear them often.

Finally I went to ZARA and I bought my gala dress (you can see that HERE), and a crop top that I will mention on this month's favourites so look out for that!

I hope you enjoyed my mini haul :)

Happy Monday! x

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  1. Great finds! Those leggings look awesome! :)