Friday, 23 August 2013

BC Sun Protect Shampoo

The good weather is finally back, yay! I went to the beach 3 times this week and it was lovely. I'm starting to get a tan but I know I'll lose it as soon as I stop going to the beach again, as usual. Boohoo.

The annoying side of the beach is how stiff and tangled your hair gets when it finally dries after you having the courage to dive in the cold water. Thankfully, I remembered that I still had a shampoo for sun-stressed hair.

It was given to me last year and I had forgotten about it until this summer. Since I didn't buy it myself, I don't know if it always comes in a cute little bag with 3 shampoos like mine, sorry! However, I've only used one of those shampoos and that's the one I'm going to review.

It smells amazingly; reminds me of those professional shampoos they use in the salons. It relieves your hair and scalps from chlorine, salt and minerals which your hair will be filled of after you go to the beach! I like to use it before my normal shampoo as it instantly makes my hair softer and untangled, thus making it easier to apply the next one.

I haven't quite figured out when you're supposed to use the other 2 shampoos but I'll tell you more about it if I find it worthy of your time.

Happy friday! x

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