Wednesday, 15 January 2014

About Time | Recommended

Hello gorgeous!

Last Saturday I finally watched About Time, a movie I've been dying to see ever since watching its' trailer last year.

I thought it was going to be about love, and laughter, and sillyness, but there's crying involved, oh yes there is. It will come to you very suddenly, I personally wasn't expecting it, and it hit me like a truck. The plot is amazing and so are the actors.

Only afterwards did I realise it was directed by Richard Curtis, director of Notting Hill and Love Actually (which I love).

All in all, I want to watch this movie again and again until I get tired of it (probably not possible). And I need to get my hands on the soundtrack CD, it is perfection.

Happy Wednesday! x


  1. Its hilarious:
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  2. I watched it not long ago and I loved it as well =)