Friday, 9 January 2015

Book Review: Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

I love reading and I have been a fan of Zoe, or Zoella as she is best known, for a couple of years; when she announced that she was writing her own book I felt happy for her and excited with the thought of one day having it in my hands.
In this kind of situations, when we know the author as closely as we do (fans/readers) because of her blog and youtube channel, the pressure and the expectations are incredibly high. Each one of us has an idea of what we want it to be, how we want or how we expect it to be written.

Personally I was hoping for a different story. Zoe announced what it was going to be about and she shared the name of the main characters and gave a little hint at the plot and in my head I started imagining the way it would develop - it didn't disappoint me. However, there were some moments that made me cringe and I even got second-hand embarassement. Sometimes it was just too corny. I can see a Disney adaptation in the future exhibiting during Christmas time.
But the truth is, I loved it. It is honestly so easy to follow and I was completely hooked. It took me about three days to read and it could have been less if I hadn't been so busy. There were some bits that I wished had been explained better but they are insignificant, I just pay too much attention to details. It is truly well written, I have a few favourite quotes to share! It also portrays difficulties that are felt nowdays (and always) like bullying and panic attacks.

I recommend it and I will definitely read book two :)

Favourite Quotes
"(...) sometimes you just have to let people go."

"There are some people you officially fall in love with, within seconds of meeting them."

"Just because most of the world does something, it doesn't make it right"

"Because when you find someone who really likes you for you, and you really like them for them, you have to do all you can to not lose them."

"you are my inciting incident"

"It's very hard to be good all of the time."

"It's so hard to try to describe how I'm feeling. The best way to put it is that when I'm with him I feel like I've met my matching person."

"Whenever something horrible happens to you time goes by so slowly that every second feels like an hour, but whenever something really amazing happens to you time goes by so fast you blink and an entire week has gone."

Happy Friday! x

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