Saturday, 3 January 2015

My New Year's Resolution Is...

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2014 had its ups and downs but overall it was a great year for me. I laughed, I cried and I learned with my mistakes. I am not in the habit of elaborating resolutions for the new year but, instead, I think on how I can better myself as a person and I reflect on my failures and successes. My goal is to comprehend myself, to grow, to improve my flaws, and that is something that you can carry with you and accomplish every year.

There are other more objective things that I wish to improve on (eg. stop biting my nails) but I can never think of any when it comes to the time nor do I bother to go forth with them (like everyone else), so I decided to get a little help from... a generator.
The only thing I needed to provide was my name and then choose what I wanted to improve on in 2015. I decided to go with the option 'random' just to see what I got and despite all the funny suggestions, there was one that really struck me and it was as follows: "In 2015, I resolve to spend more time making eye-contact than staring at my phone."

I don't think anyone, including myself, ever thinks of the times when we are hanging with our friends or family and we completely remove ourselves from our surrondings by turning on the wifi on our phone and emerge on the social media apps.

Although I recognise that this generator is meant to give funny suggestions, I really want to set myself the goal of enjoying the personal company of others and I highly advice everyone else to do the same. You will always have social media, but people don't last forever. Live the present :)

Lets kick off 2015 with the right mindset and companionship!

Happy Friday! x

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