Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Favourite Song of the Month | June

I don't go a day without listening to music. I take my MP4 everywhere with me and I have some of my favourite songs on my phone, just in case. If there's nothing good to watch on the telly, I change to a music channel. I even write down my favourite lyrics. I guess you could say I'm addicted to music, but it's not like it is harmful, right? In fact, life would be much better with our own soundtrack!

Keeping that in mind, it was only wise to share my favourite song of each month with you. I'm going to warn you that my choice can vary from metal to pop because I love the music, not the genre, unlike some people. I could never restrain myself to only one genre.

My favourite song of last month, June, was recorded 7-8 months ago (according to sources) but we only just found out about it. The song is called 'Don't Let Me Go' and it's sang by Harry Styles, from One Direction, featuring Sam McCarthy. The lyrics are beautiful and his voice is really soothing, I had it on replay.

Turn up the volume, close your eyes and listen to this masterpiece :)

Do you like this song? What was your favourite song last month? x

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