Monday, 29 July 2013

July Favourites ❤

Another month has gone by, time to to ramble about my favourites! First time I write a post about this so go easy on me.

July was a good month for me, I would say. It offered me new experiences, brought me closer to my friends and it has made me grow. If only every month was like this!

  • Fashion:
- My old sandals died on me and I was forced to buy new ones. The new ones I bought are the cutest thing I have ever seen, I fell in love as soon as I laid my eyes on them! They are super comfy and they have a little bow in the middle.

Unfortunately the weather hasn't been that great lately so I was only able to use them a few times. I wore them to my aunt's wedding, more on that here.

  • Series:
- I know this serie isn't new, it's already over and probably everyone has already seen it but I've only started watching it this month and I'm in l-o-v-e! The drama, the suspense, the plot twists, the romance... everything is so intense! I'm obviously talking about 'Prison Break' and if like me, you've never watched it before, do it!! But only if you have a strong heart.

  • Music:
- This is a hard one for me considering I am a music lover but I will try my best to pick just one or two favourites each month, I don't want to bore you!
Out of 4 favourites this month, 2 of them were my obsessions - 'Through Glass' by Stone Sour and 'Ready to Go' by Limp Bizkit ft. Lil Wayne. Give them a listen when you can!

  • Random:
- My local fair opened this month and I went there 3 times - one with my mother and a friend of hers and the other 2 with my friends. I wrote a post about the first day here and I know I said I'd write another one if I went there again but, in all honesty, there wasn't anything else interesting to show you. And I was with my friends, I didn't even think about anything besides having fun (please don't hate me!)
To make up for it, here's a photo of one of the concerts we watched (More Than A Thousand), it was unreal! We are somewhere in there to the right!

That's everything this month! What were your July favourites?!

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