Thursday, 7 November 2013

I, Nadia, Wife of a Terrorist - Review

The last review I wrote was in September about Dewey's Nine Lives. The family friend that I talked about in the previous review also lent me this book which I'm highly thankful for.
(Ahh, Portuguese words!)
It tells the story of a real girl, Nadia (fictional name), who lives in Algeria and found herself in the middle of the Islamist terrorists and the authorities after marrying a local hooligan who later became an emir for GIA (Armed Islamic Group of Algeria). She agreed to tell her story to Baya Gacemi aslong as all the names of people/places were changed in order to protect the ones she loves.

You will read about her sufferings and how she was reduced to a slave by a terrorist group always on the run. She had to cook for them and give them shelter but she was forbidden to talk to them. Her husband obliged her to always use her khimar (headscarf that hangs down to just above the waist) and to say her prayers every day. She was also prohibited to bathe.

The stories she tells can sometimes be shocking but it gives you the real perspective of what's actually happening there (rape, murder, injustice). It's a good and easy read, I recommend it.

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