Saturday, 30 November 2013

November Favourites | 2013 ❤

November was so busyyy, I need a break! Unfortunately the only break I'm going to have is going to be spent studying for my future exams, boohoo.

Amidst all the books, essays and exams, I met Carolina Torres. Who? Oh, just the funniest and nicest girl ever.
(Carolina (L) and me (R))
She participated in 'Ídolos' back in 2009 (a Portuguese reality show based on the British show 'Pop Idol'), she was a presenter in 'Curto Circuito' (Portuguese talk show) and now she's part of a rock/punk rock band, THE GIRL IN THE BLACK BIKINI.
She went to my university to play with her band (or part of it) in order to support the E list (candidate to the student association and the one that ended up winning, obviously). I was really happy to meet her and blown away by how nice she is! She asked me what I was studying there and I told her I was taking Language, Literature and Culture or, more specifically, English and North-American Studies. She told me she would have liked to have taken that course which, of course, made me smile.

The last favourite of this month is also related to my university. Our grades go from 0 (awful) to 20 (excellent) and I managed to score a 19 on my English essay!
I was honestly surprised, I wasn't expecting to have such a high score - yay me! (hopefully more will follow).

Songs I had on replay:

December up next, happy Saturday! x

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