Thursday, 21 November 2013

Portugal vs. Pepsi

If you don't pay attention to football, you probably don't know that Portugal played against Sweden last Friday (15th) and this Tuesday (19th). Portugal won 1-0 on the first match and 2-3 on the second thus qualifying for the World Cup in Brazil.

All of the goals were scored by Cristiano Ronaldo and even I, being a girl and knowing very little about football, thought the goals were amazing and a slap in the face to those who critisice him.

And by those who critisice him, I'm refering to Pepsi. They had the unfortunate idea to post shocking images of a doll representing Ronaldo tied up in a train rail, another with needles stuck to him like you do in voodoo and a last one with a Pepsi can smashing his head. All that just to attract the Swedish customers. I would post the images but I don't really want them on my blog; you can search for them if you want to, I'm sure you will easily find them.

This obviously infuriated the Portuguese people who have been saying that they will never drink Pepsi again and that Coca-Cola is much better. They too edited some images to fight back the ones from Pepsi but once again, I won't post that.

Our national airline (TAP - Transportes AĆ©reos Portugueses) has even been considering removing Pepsi from their services and keep Coca-Cola instead!
In my opinion, this has been blown out of proportion. Pepsi screwed up, it was an awful idea, Ronaldo owned the game and Pepsi apologised and removed the images. They shouldn't have even thought of doing such a thing in the first place but they did and unfortunately it was necessary for us to prove them wrong in order for them to realise what they had done.

The company has apologised and people keep bringing it up and beating them up for it. Enough is enough, I say. I agree that they shouldn't have done that and I'm solidary with the ones who rioted against but it's time to let it go. I'm sure Ronaldo will prove what he's made of once again during the World Cup.

Amongst all the drama, there's always the humourous side of it. A Portuguese humourist called Pepsi to let them know he's angry and that "Ronaldo is the best"! He sometimes speaks Portuguese but the call is in English so you will understand everything (his accent is obviously fake, he's portraying one of his many characters).

Peace and love!
Happy Thursday x

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